Wave & Tidal Environmental Assessment

Due to the large size of the Regional Environmental Assessment, it has been split into 18 separate files plus the Non-Technical Summary, Consultation Report and Appendices. The documents are all available for public download and are also available in a large ZIP file to download in one file here . Although we are not currently consulting on the document we are still happy to hear from you, contact us and provide feedback. Please see below for the documents available to download.

REA Consultation Report (1.1MB) 

This document explains the consultation process and gives information on all of the responses that RET received to the public consultation. It also outlines the main actions suggested by the consultees and any response and action the RET is taking and highlights where changes were made to the REA following the consultation.

REA Non Technical Summary (2MB)

This document is a 57 page Non-Technical Summary (NTS) of the REA. The NTS provides an overview of the key findings of the assessment, listed under each specialist topic considered. Each subsection covers the baseline (existing) data, impact assessment and potential mitigation measures. The results of each specialist investigation have been drawn together in the Summary of Key Impacts in section 5. This allows comparison and a consideration relative significance of each investigation. If you require additional detail for an area please see the relevant chapter in the Full REA below.

The table shows the chapters that are available to download, with more information about each chapter below.

Chapters 1 – 3 – Introduction, Background and Method

Chapter 4 – Geology

Chapter 5 – Marine Processes

Chapter 6 – Water Quality

Chapter 7 – Benthic Ecology

Chapter 8 – Pelagic Ecology

Chapter 9 – Birds

Chapter 10 – Marine Mammals

Chapter 11 – Commercial Fisheries and Mariculture

Chapter 12 – Recreational Fishing

Chapter 13 – Marine and Coastal Historic Environment

Chapter 14 – Existing Submarine Cables, Electrical Grid and Connectivity

Chapter 15 – Shipping and Navigation

Chapter 16 – Tourism and Recreation

Chapter 17 – Noise

Chapter 18 – Air Quality

Chapter 19 – Landscape and Seascape Character

Chapters 20 – 22 – Summary, Implementation and Monitoring and Conclusions

Full Environmental Assessment: Table of contents (498KB)

Full Environmental Assessment: Introduction, Background and Method (1.1MB)

This is the introduction to the full environmental assessment, providing the background to the document as well as the processes followed. This makes up the first three chapters of the document. This document also includes an Executive Summary of the REA.

CH 4 – Geology (1.8MB) 

This chapter is a study of available bathymetric, geological and sediment data that will highlight key geological and geomorphological features in the offshore area around Guernsey, Herm and Sark within the 3 mile Territorial Zone.

CH 5 – Marine Processes (637KB) 

This chapter discusses the two primary marine processes that relate to renewable energy production, namely Wave Climate and Tidal Flows and Levels.

CH 6 – Water Quality (441KB) 

This chapter deals with the potential impact of marine renewables on sediment and water quality.

CH 7 – Benthic Ecology (779KB)

This chapter looks at all species and habitats which are attached on, living in, or near to the seabed within the study areas including areas exposed by daily tidal patterns.

CH 8 – Pelagic Ecology (1.2MB)

This chapter is a baseline review of the pelagic ecology in the study area, which comprises the plankton fish communities.

CH 9 – Birds (704KB) 

This Chapter looks at the species of seabirds within the study area.

CH 10 – Marine Mammals (683KB) 

This chapter looks at data collated about marine mammals within the study area.

CH 11 – Commercial Fisheries and Mariculture (1.1MB) 

This Chapter looks at the significant commercial fishing activity withing the study area.

CH 12 – Recreational Fishing (440KB) 

This chapter looks at also significant recreational fishing within the study area.

CH 13 – Marine and Coastal Historic Environment (537KB) 

This chapter looks at the islands historic and archaeological record, including many hundreds of sites and finds both on land and underwater.

CH 14 – Existing Submarine Cables, Electrical Grid and Connectivity (358KB) 

This chapter deals with the existing submarine infrastructure, both power and telecommunications, and with the connectivity into the power systems of Guernsey and Sark.

CH 15 – Shipping and Navigation (694KB) 

This chapter of the REA gives an overview of the shipping movements in the REA study area and considers the sensitivity of shipping and navigation to marine renewable energy.

CH 16 – Tourism and Recreation (421KB) 

This chapter provides an overview of tourism and water recreation activities in Guernsey and looks at the potential impacts.

CH 17 – Noise (576KB) 

This chapter focuses on noise and deals with the effects that the introduction of marine renewables may bring to the ambient noise levels, both above and below water, affecting both the marine and human environment.

CH 18 – Air Quality (499KB) 

This chapter looks at the effects on the ambient air quality in the Bailiwick.

CH 19 – Landscape and Seascape Character (569KB) 

This chapter looks at the impacts that marine renewable energy development may have on the landscape and seascape character of the coastline of Guernsey.

CH 20 - 22 – Summary, Implementation and Monitoring and Conclusions (718KB) 

This section sumarises the report and looks at how it can be taken forward to have a practical purpose. It also presents the conclusions that were reached during the assessment.

Regional Environmental Assessment Appendices (1.9MB) 

These appendices contain supporting information to the main document chapters including preliminary studies and a Regional Monitoring Plan and Environmental Action Plan.

PDF imageDownload all documents in one zip file (26MB)