Guernsey's Renewable Energy Resource

The Bailiwick of Guernsey’s unique geography gives access to the following Renewable Energy Resources:

Possible Energy Resource Areas

Tidal Currents

Guernsey benefits from some of the strongest tidal flows in Europe. These are located close to a centre of population with a good electrical distribution network on island and to the European Continent. As part of the Regional Environmental Assessment and ongoing surveying work, we are working with academics to further refine our understanding of the tidal energy resource.

At present, we believe that the most suitable resource lies in the Big Russel. As with all tidal resources, the resource is best where there is a constriction which causes an acceleration of the water. We are also working closely with Sark to establish the resources around their island.

There are a number of different types of Tidal Current Generators that may be suitable for deployment in the seas around Guernsey.


Wave Energy

With our west coast facing the Atlantic Ocean, Guernsey also has an attractive wave energy resource. Energy from waves may be harvested some way offshore in depths up to 60m, or near-shore, in shallow water. Wave and tidal energy generators are at a similar place in their development, full scale prototypes are in the waters and a number of devices are being scaled up. There are also a small number of wave devices already generating electricity to the grid around the world.


Wind Energy

Along with wave energy, the exposed west coast of Guernsey offers an attractive wind resource. With the predominant wind direction coming from the West there is clearly the possibility to exploit wind energy. Wind power is a far more established technology than wave and tidal, however due to the deep water within a short distance of Guernsey off the west coast, currently exploitable areas are small, although technological advancements and the potential of floating devices may increase this. RET is undertaking work to investigate the potential of wind energy in Guernsey waters.