Other Documents

The documents currently listed below can be downloaded individually from this page. The Prefeasibility Study and the Tidal resource assessment can also be found in the REA appendices. Further work undertaken by RET will be published in the downloads section, including updates to currently available documents, so please check back regularly. For more information about the documents before downloading please see the Further Studies section.

 Benthic Towed Camera SurveyCharacterisation of the Benthos in the Big Russel, Guernsey (836KB)

In September 2010 the former Shadow Guernsey Renewable Energy Commission (now RET) undertook a video survey of the seabed in the Big Russel and south of St Martins Point. This report summarises the findings from the survey.  

Tidal Resource Mapping for the Territorial Waters of Guernsey(652KB)  

Part of understanding the marine environment is gaining some knowledge of the marine processes that are constantly happening, including the tides, the waves and sediment transport. This report provides the first stage towards understanding the tidal regimes around Guernsey. The report is currently in draft form awaiting empirical data.

Feasibility Study into Offshore Wind Energy (1.9MB)  

Prior to undertaking an extension to the REA to take into account offshore wind, RET has commissioned a feasibility report, which looks at the major potential issues surrounding development of offshore wind in Guernsey waters. These included whether Guernsey has a sufficient wind resource (taking into account speed and direction) to enable reasonable operation of wind turbines and whether the costs associated of being a small island would prove prohibitive.

Wave and Tidal Prefeasibility Technical Report (413KB)

The report provides a brief study into the Islands of Guernsey, Herm and Sark with regard to their potential for development of Marine Renewable Energy (wave, tidal stream and tidal range). The report covers the main technical criteria for early assessment of site suitability including preparation, equipment and logistics. A Rough Order Cost for two alternative schemes is also included.

 Status of Wave Energy Technologies

The report compares the status of the wave and tidal industry with a specific focus on informing RET of the commercial viability of wave technologies. The report was prepared jointly by Halcrow and RET in June 2011.