About RET

In 2010 the Renewable Energy Team (RET) was established, replacing the Shadow Guernsey Renewable Energy Commission (itself formed in 2008), tasked with enabling marine renewable energy development within Guernsey waters. 

RET is part of the Commerce & Employment Department within the States of Guernsey.

Again in 2010, the States of Guernsey approved the Renewable Energy (Guernsey) Law 2010 for submission to the Privy Council for Royal Assent.

In 2015, secondary legislation concerning licensing was approved by the States in the Renewable Energy (Guernsey) Ordinance 2015. 

RET continues to focus on maintaining momentum to develop the appropriate policies and processes to create the right legislative and commercial environments to take the programme forward.

 The key objectives for RET are:

  • Prepare an initial Environmental Assessment - this strategic study will establish the likely environmental impacts associated with the deployment of Marine Renewable Energy devices in the seas around Guernsey. This has been out for public consultation and version 1 is available to download. We would still appreciate any feedback that you may have.
  • Develop a Consenting regime - to control and permit the deployment and operation of devices and associated works such as cabling and shore connections.
  • Develop Policy - We are aware that the introduction of renewable energy has the potential to impact, on numerous other aspects of life on Guernsey. We are working closely with the other Channel Islands, the Guernsey Renewable Energy Forum and the relevant departments within the States to ensure that Renewable Energy is smoothly integrated into our way of life.
  • Attract Developers - With the potential to establish a very powerful energy resource, located so close to our shores, we hope to attract responsible energy developers to Guernsey who will want to generate energy for domestic sales or export to Europe. We will work to ensure that we get the best deal for Guernsey in benefiting our environment, reducing our carbon emissions, and in terms of the commercial arrangements.
RET has produced some documents relating to the work the team is undertaking. The RET strategy available to download as well as a hand out that has been produced for open day events and a summary document in both English and French.
RET Strategy - 2016 Onwards - Summary Document
RET Strategy - 2016 Onwards - Full Version

RET has updated its published strategic plan which sets out a long term vision and strategy for marine macro renewable energy (offshore wind, wave and tidal power) in Guernsey. The document shows what levels of local marine renewable power we may hope to see by the end of this decade, as well as what other positive impact renewable energy may have in Guernsey. In addition, RET clearly sets out the route map and the local and industry conditions and information which are required to ensure that Guernsey can take full advantage of local renewable energy.

RET review of 2014
RET Review of 2015

RET has released a review of the activities undertaken in 2014 and 2015, and outlines where the success of the years have been.

Guernsey Renewables Background Note (English and French)

The above note summarises RET's current position and work streams and is designed as a very brief introduction to RET's work.